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Tragedy #81: The Dishes Don't Care Whose Turn It Is; They Just Want To Feel Clean Again tragedyseries.tum... * benamin dewey

"Why am I still Hungry? And other mysteries" "Get Over It: Stop thinking about that awkward conversation from 1997" "All of my friends are cats: a memoir" "Hang Ups: A guide for a phone-free lifestyle"

Hokkaido's mascot, Marimokkori. I've heard that if you squeeze his testicles/erection he blushes.

when some plaque it comes along, YOU MUST BRUSH IT when your breath is really bad YOU MUST BRUSH IT

To make a dummy to take her place in the sack, WONDER WOMAN spears ham on a broom handle. "A perfect woman's figure! The Nazis won't know the difference!"

So there's this meme that nokia phones last forever. Mine lasted until half a month before it was time to renew my contract and decide whether to get a new free phone and sign another contract or not.

Ha Ha! Funny! LOL!: Somebody give this guy an award!

"I wonder if the women who plan their unrealistic weddings on pinterest will plan their realistic divorces on pinterest."

Yesterday, I sent my family to AL to avoid Hurricane Isaac. After they left, I went to feed the family fish and I found the enclosed scene (See picture)--where my daughter , Ashley, had given good instruction on how her stuffed animal friends should behave during the Hurricane. ( A future leader in the making! )

Every woman should have a blowtorch - Julia Child

Dr Isis offers academic workplace dating advice.

History of the world according to the History Channel

I have this magnet on my fridge, although a friend of mine calls bullshit and says he knows exactly how I decided to use my power. (SPOILER: for evil.)