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Mommy stuff

Harry Potter Monopoly exists. WHY DONT I OWN IT?! WTH why did i not know about this !!!

Love the "10 Years Later". One more year, whoop! But I think ours would have to involve Testudo.

21 creative consequences . . . all I can say is that I'm glad my Mom wasn't on Pinterest when I was a child! some of these are really clever ideas....I will definitely be trying some of these

Little Green Pouch: Food pouch for homemade baby food. Toddler food too! J will eat pretty much anything in a pouch--wonder if this would work on him?

  • Kendra Reinmann

    We just got some to send to day care with jack. He loves yogurt in them.

19 Things We Should Say to Our Children...absolutely LOVE this! Number 11 is something I need to memorize.

Calming jar-tell child that they need a break and may come back when everything has settled to the bottom. If you want to make your own calming jar (good for moms as well) they are really easy! All you need to do is: jar or bottle with a lid 1 tbsp of clear glue (or glitter glue) to each 1 cup of (hot) water to fill the jar add in glitter (about 1 inch of glitter) food coloring (optional)

This stay at home dad, writes on post-it's and leaves them all over the house as reminders of what to do/not to do, while raising his son. I cannot stop laughing. - this is bad but true

75 Things to do with your kids. Traditions they will remember. Someone wrote: "Best list I've ever seen! So many things I'd never heard or thought of!"

This is a must read! Educate your children on "tricky people" not strangers....Tell them to find a mom with kids if they are ever lost...SO SMART! (I first heard this on Safety Kids.) Common sense stuff that isn't so common any more. Take a minute to read and think about how you will have these conversations with your children.

“Tricky People” Are the New Strangers

EVERYBODY SHOULD PIN THIS TO SAVE FOR WHEN THE TIME COMES ... The truth about Santa - this letter is inspiring. Don't want to forget this when the time comes!