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for the kiddies

List of 30 procedures to remember to teach at the start of the year. Good list even for veteran teachers. (You will be the best teacher ever!)

money game - Hot glue some coins to about 20 popsicle sticks. Write "Kaboom" on about 5 sticks. Kids play in groups of 2-4. When it's your turn, you pull out a stick. You add the coin values and tell the amount. If your partner or group members agree with you, you get to keep the stick. If you pull a Kaboom stick you have to put all of your sticks back in the cup.

Sorting and graphing colored gold fish -One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish activity -Prek

pencil case to store sand and an unsharpened pencil to practice writing letters, names, and words

60 St. Patrick's Day FREE printables

St. Patrick's Day gift: I'm so LUCKY to have you in my class! at lunch with a plastic spoon and their little milk cartons

Super simple printable featuring 15 simple sight words for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and homeschoolers to build strong readers!

The best organization of a Writer's Notebook I've found- plus, simple activities for starting writing off 'WRITE!' this school year! :)

The Scoop on Groups- Great ideas for grouping students! Not just popsicle sticks!