30 Hilarious Thoughts Every Introverted Person Goes Through. #4 Is So Accurate It's Scary.

" I've got a real , real bad feeling ...that my baby don't love me no more............ The Sky Is Crying- Stevie Ray Vaughan

I don't love snow *quite* as much as teh kitteh, but close.

Where's the rum?

I'm so romantic to myself... I make dinner, I pour the wine, and I considerately sleep on my own side of the bed. ♥

snoopy-tattoo-cartoon-when i was child stuff-Charles Schulz

don't pretend like you don't remember!

...and wine gives you a big hug.

But please let the food be good and the apartment semi cute :)

Prints by Dominic Wilcox

He just doesn't learn his lesson, does he? Tsk.

I'd like to think my body is more like the Soup Nazi's kitchen. I may have served you yesterday, but today you pissed me off and we're banning you for life. >.>

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