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If only this cat was my chem teacher....that D- would so be a D+. Ha!

A white blood cell chasing Staphylococcus Aureus by David Rogers, Vanderbilt University / insanely amazing video

Tobacco mosaic virus. The very 1st virus discovered.

West Nile Virus. I love virions.

West Nile Virus Medical, Health & Disease Pictures & Images

This image shows Telophase HeLa, a line of immortal cells. Cells expressing Aurora B-EGFP (green). The HeLa cell is so interesting! Upon research I did, the cell got its name from Henrietta Lacks (1951). She was being treated for cancer, cervix cancer more specifically. She passed a few months after diagnosis and her abnormal cells were kept. Culture lab tests found that this cell kept dividing. They categorized this line of cells as "immortal" because of their prolific ability. LOVE THIS.

Electron Microscope Images ♥ I love the small things in life! @Kylie Rogers this is what I was talking about today!

Spermatozoa under scanning electron microscope. Potential life!! So beautiful!

Fimbrae of a fallopian tube under scanning electron microscope... Georgia O'Keefe was right.