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Sarah Dahl

Sarah Dahl

Self proclaimed hipster. Directioner. British royal family addict. Geek. Fast paced humor comedian.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Pumpkin Stencil

The look on Ginny's face... Let's also appreciate the look Fred and George are giving each other, cause I'm pretty sure they knew she still liked him.

Simply beautiful

hilarious! must read the black box at the end last.

Science ruins everything...

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series by bostonglobe: Fourteen divers from eight countries will dive from the roof of the Institute of Contemporary Arts which will serve as an urban cliff for their plunge 90' into Boston Harbor. #Cliff_Diving #Red_Bull #Boston

Hahaha, wow. I laughed too hard at this.

Like brother and sister and nothing more

Harry "Diva" Potter

In the script of HPDH2, draco actually runs back when he sees harry is alive!! Go to 5:48 !!

Other pinner: I've checked and its true!

Harry Potter

This is a brilliant human.

Hufflepuff Pride!

Batman High Heels


The Titanic’s Cellist…