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"The next time I fall in love, I want to fall for someone who will make me feel that loving him is the greatest decision I ever made and not just another mistake." ~Unknown

Lord help me to live my life with wisdom and discretion so that I may not fall short of Your Glory. I am grateful and so very thankful for your unconditional and limitless love that is always ready to forgive my mistakes.

You are a survivor and a fighter. Embrace your spirit. Laugh a lot. Grow with each tear. Have hope and never give up.

I can't do it. Everyone. Everything. Just go away. Leave me alone. It's not like other people have a problem with ignoring me, so why don't you. Stop hating. Stop bullying. If you don't go away, then I will. Just. Stop. Please. Stop. It's not funny anymore. It never was actually. Go mess with someone else. Because your ruining this. Us. Life. Everything. Just. Stop. One day it may just be too late.

Good advice from Adele. Just like anyone else, she is human and has made mistakes (like dropping the f-bomb, it's in ALL of us, so don't act like you never have) BUT she is trying her best to be a decent woman (a lady). Just because you can cuss like a sailor or fight like a man, doesn't mean you should! Unless someone messes with your BFF, partner or kids! LOL

Lessons From: Adele | Inspired by Charm
  • Juan Melendrez

    It always kind of bothered me that guys whistled at girls...found it weird.

Progress not perfection. Somedays we all have to crawl...

Foster kids own story: July 2012


Carrie Bradshaw. I feel like this would be a good quote to tell my students at graduation...quoting "Sex and the City" is totally appropriate, right?