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One day as I was driving to Wal Mart, my 4 year old daughter said to me, "I didn't like it when you pushed me out of your body. It hurt."

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This is awesome!!

Monday's Funny Picture Dump - 124 Pics

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How I Met Your Mother- Be my Marshall to my Lily ♥

barney and robin - how i met your mother! #himym

Have your ex boyfriend. Have him. Why should I sit around and wait for you when I know you're flirting with someone else? I know. I'm not stupid. You lost something real good. I'm not giving up. You gave up on me a LONG time ago. So I hope you're happy. I'm not doing this shit anymore.

I pray thee!! Forehead slap and all

God said "He would complete the work He started in us". That means God completes us, not other people or things. We say someone "completes" us... but they just bring qualities to the relationship that we do not have... that is what God did in marriage.. He brought 2 different people together.

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