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Keeping Married Life Fresh

Keeping married life fresh...30 days of pleasing your husband. Yes...I repinned this :)

Have Super Sex All Month Long

Truth ! Why do so many people give up after they get comfortable? If you truly love them, you will always be willing to show them that they are important to you.. you can be comfortable and still passionate about each other... if your right for each other of course...

Tynica Elyse : 70 date ideas. Such good ones! Definitely my style with actually doing things! Plus dancing is on it twice ;)

Tynica Elyse : 70 date ideas

Relationship Advice: The Secrets of Close Couples... This is cute

100 ways to make your marriage rock. This is an extremely legitimate list. read this monthly

This is an actually doable list of relationship builders for couples in long-term relationships. These things are fun, Have fun together.