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The Time Timer is a fantastic tool for teaching kids time management skills, especially when coupled with a reward chart. Very effective for children who take too long performing simple tasks like eating, homework or chores.

Students brainstorm ways to be kind and make a list on the sprinkles. This could be a good first week activity. Cupcakes with sprinkles on Friday??

Anger management/anti-bullying lesson with a cute art activity and some good metaphors for kids to remember. This wesbite has a lot of other good activities too :)

LOVE THIS! Calm Down Jar. It is really easy to make. The goal is that when they are feeling out of control, they shake the jar, then sit and watch the glitter settle in the water. When the glitter settles, they can get up. This one is a really great technique to use in lieu of timeout. great idea!

Give me 5! - hold up your hand and when that happens, the kids know they are to do 5 things:- Eyes on speaker- Ears listening- Bodies still...

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey is a great book that teaches children to live life by principles. These are great posters that can be used...

When students have finished an assignment early, they can grab a popsicle stick that has a quiet activity written on it for them to do!