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Urban Survival Playing Cards

Urban Survival Playing Cards As Heard On The Glenn Beck Show

LIST OF PREPPER ANTIBIOTICS: Natural antibiotics can help you with sinus infections and colds, sore throats, urinary tract infections and ordinary cuts and scrapes, etc. It's only natural to heal with these antibiotics first: www.happypreppers...

Antibiotics for survival (Antibiotic Herbal Alternatives)

So if cell phones stopped working, how would you communicate? What if an EMP wiped out all electronics? How would you find your family or get help during a disaster or if SHTF?

How to communicate when the world goes silent

When we think about the military or the Department of Defense we usually think weapons and ammunition. What new weapon technology are companies developing to pr

How and Why to Store Salt from Are we Crazy or What? I discuss reasons to store salt and provide step by step directions for storing it. #beselfreliant

How and Why to Store Salt - Are We Crazy, Or What?

Prepared Bloggers Cooking without Power - Mama Kautz

Prepared Bloggers Cooking without Power - Mama Kautz

Home Made Berkey Water Filter For Half The Price - SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Prepping, Homesteading

Bleach-Water Ratio For Drinking Water

Bleach-Water Ratio For Drinking Water

prepping/survival | 10 Easy Survival Seeds to Grow | Prepping Ideas - Are You Prepared ...

10 Easy Survival Seeds to Grow

Underground Shelter. This website has tons of different shelter options along with suggestions on fuel tanks, solar power, water tanks... Lots of info. A must for how to survive in an emergency.

Survival Center - Underground Shelters, Bomb Shelters

Food Storage and Emergency prep can be expensive! However, there are many things that you can do to prepare for little or NO cost. I LOVE this site! She even has recipes for 100 shelf stable meals!

Otherpower is a large information resource with a large variety of homemade small-scale renewable energy examples; including many micro hydro projects.