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No to the mini Nikes, but yes to this bundle of gorgeousness.

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The true meaning of friendship

Mini Milk Jugs, this site has THE cutest party supplies!

.God shows us that he cares with wonders to behold.

The phenomenon, called a "Sundog," happens when ice crystals appear in clouds and refract the sun's rays. Taken in Heyworth, Illinois, US....

I think the internet allows us to share good and happy things with each other, things that aren't "newsworthy" enough to be in the traditional news. This makes my day!

“Every girl is expected to have caucasian blue eyes, full Spanish lips, a classic button nose, hairless Asian skin with a California tan, a Jamaican dance hall ass, long Swedish legs, small Japanese feet, the abs of a lesbian gym owner, the hips of a nine-year-old boy, the arms of Michelle Obama and doll tits. This is why everyone is struggling.” -Tina Fey, Bossypants