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Because of it, I was able to birth my three babies ;)

Do it!!

Clear your mind here - Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring Quotes

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" -Vincent van Gogh

Easy DIY: Wood Round Artwork | At Home In Love

Every last one.Smashed into Smithereens. And its turning out better than I ever could have imagined. I guess it's true.....Some rules were meant to be broken. ( never thought they would be my own)

This will make you feel better - Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring Quotes


Have a fabulous week

Keep your miserable ass away from me.. sums it up. Negativity KEEP AWAY

Tenderness of the heart ♡

Gotta Start Somewhere

This will make you feel better - Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring Quotes

You don't say.........Some of us aren't so quick learning our lessons

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly -Maya Angelou

Life doesn't change but people do, so learn to accept that not everybody was who you thought you knew.

Silence can lead to a WORLD of trouble, hurt, illness, addictions. Hurt People Hurt People. This is SO TRUE. Open Your heart and ears. Encourage a safe place. Those behaving badly, or so difficult to love, Are usually Agonizing, Keeping secrets and living in fear.Sometimes MAKING someone uncover and work through their past can lead to a brighter future