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Scripture Mastery for LDS Seminary

Scripture Mastery Ideas

Hockey, biathlon part of Seminary Olympic Games: An Olympic torch was passed through all the seminary classrooms in the Hurst Texas Stake, eventually reaching its final destination at the Seminary Olympic. Similar activity at hamiltonseminary....

All 25 Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery verses formatted as a PDF. Easy to print. New for 2013. LDS Seminary scriptures.

Free printable mad gabs for Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery!

50 YEARS OF SCRIPTURE MASTERY: A Behind the Scenes Look at the New Scripture Mastery. READ MORE AT: brosimonsays.word...

Personal Electronic Devices in Seminary: Jenny Smith Says… “Just Another Tool”. Jenny Smith of shares her experience and advice having students use e-scriptures in class. READ IT ALL AT: brosimonsays.word...

#SeminaryWeek Use the new interactive Scripture Mastery Activities site to increase your scriptural knowledge. Locate, apply, memorize. scripturemastery....

New 2013 Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery disappearing words! brosimonsays.word... is definitely going to look at how to use these in class!

Awesome downloads for scripture mastery worksheets!

  • Gail Mejias

    I have used these at the beginning of class while waiting for the latecomers:)

Scripture Mastery Magic Squares (BoM)

Scripture Mastery Matching Game- using plastic Easter eggs, place keyword on one side and reference on the other

Scripture Reading & Scripture Mastery Posters & "Study Buddies"

5-Day-A-Week Scripture Mastery! “What do I do for a few minutes every day with Scripture Mastery?” Good question! This worksheet (click on graphic), along with the following information should give some concrete ideas. The worksheet can be just for you to use to plan what you will do, or it can be a handout to give each student.

New for 2013! Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery quizzes, bingo games, memorization helps, etc.

Why Memorize Scriptures?

Printable Book Of Mormon Scripture Mastery Sorting Game. Includes the new 2013 #BookOfMormon #LDS #ScriptureMastery passages!

Scripture Mastery Taboo, New Testament Here is a great scripture mastery activity to help your class learn the scripture Mastery’s better, the key words, and the references. The game is played like the popular game Taboo. CLICK on the graphic to get the New Testament Scripture Mastery version of the game. Thanks for sharing Brother Hathaway!

There have been 8 replacements or changes to the 2013-2014 scripture mastery list for Book of Mormon. Compare the changes using this chart.

Great site with LOTS of helps for Scripture Mastery and Seminary. SCRIPTURE MAN picture in this pin.

Scripture Mastery MAD GAB: "Salmon Eerie Script Chair Mass Story!" (2)

Scripture Mastery MAD GAB: "Salmon Eerie Script Chair Mass Story!"

New Testament Scripture Clips. Download a free DVD containing 50 distinct video hints, divided into two Rounds of 25 hints. Each Round has one hint for each of the New Testament Scripture Mastery scriptures. This year's DVD has appearances from Batman, Bill Cosby, Star Wars, and Nacho Libre, among many others.

Shock Ball Scripture Mastery Game. This is my students' favorite SM game, and I get the added satisfaction of watching them get "electrocuted". Best. Game. EVER.

My students LOVE this activity: MAD GAB for New Testament with answers! Hava goot I'm ;)