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Lol. I hate these quites ( the origional not the doctor who revised) we we're given 2 ears, eyes,arms, and legs because its more benificial. 2 eyes give you depth perception without sacraficing clarity. 2 ears so that you can hear all around you 2 arms for swinging through trees and 2 legs because hopping around on one would be a pain in the arse

Doctor Who *sobs*

Trader Joe's LOVES Doctor Who. "Organic Celery - Two Hearts - Just like your favorite Timelord"

Doctor Who has spoken. You cannot change a fixed point in time. Voting was unnecessary?

Doctor Who Tenth 10th Doctor David Tennant Suiting Cosplay Jumper Pinafore Dress-Accessory. $125.00, via Etsy.

Ah! This is so worth reading!!! Dr. Who FTW

My World Race | 1 Agenda: Love

The Doctor Who fandom

"British TV and Emotional Damage Doctor who... Sherlock... Downton Abbey....<- to name a few." Damn straight, a lot of tears from/for each one!

The scariest fortune cookie you could ever get. Especially if they aren't a doctor who fan...

Doodle Craft...: Doctor Who Painted TARDIS Heels! I see crafting in my future.....this weekend.

Doctor Who - Are You My Mummy? OMG If only I had a little boy I would have totally made my husband dress up as the doctor and him as that little boy! AWESOME!

How long would it take to watch all the episodes of doctor who? This officially proves our fandom has too much time on it's hands.

Some people might pin this to dresses. Some people might pin it to pretty. I pin it to doctor who because that's what it is.

Doctor Who Tardis Apron. Seriously need this. Summer project Ms Nelson!!!

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Coasters. For living room (or home theater if I have it) and confusing people I don't like.

Geek Triumverate Canister Set - Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Lord of the Rings. These are amazing!!

Dalek Doctor Who flower girl dress! Hold on. Someone had their cute toddler flower girl dressed as a Dalek? This is a theme wedding I need to see.