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Brownie Bugs Badge Ideas

Requirements for Brownie Bug Badge: Step 1: Draw a bug poster. Step 2: Try a bug craft. Step 3: See bugs in action. Step 4: Explore bug homes. Step 5: Take a bug field trip.

Brownie Bug Badge, make your own badge- hair accessories

Ladybug Balloon you can make for a meeting to discuss bugs and insects. More insect crafts on

make your own rock caterpillar to go in the garden - kids would love to do this.

Download complete requirements for all levels of girls scout badges.

Bug Magnet Kids Craft with Bottle Caps ~ * THE COUNTRY CHIC COTTAGE (DIY, Home Decor, Crafts, Farmhouse)

Working on your Brownie Girl Scout badges? has set up a board for each Brownie Badge and Brownie Journey. Would you like to help pin? Please send an email with your pinner name to mailto:brownietro... . Let us know which boards you are interested in pinning to. To follow all our Girl Scout Brownie Badge boards, search for BrownieFriends under pinners.

Girl Scout Brownie Bug Badge. If someone was sick or hurt, would you know how to help? In this badge, you’ll find out what to do in an emergency, from calling 911 to using first aid to treat minor injuries. When the unexpected happens, you’ll be prepared!

Girl Scout Brownie Bug Badge. Bugs help us in lots of cool ways. Explore the world of bugs and learn more about these little creatures that do so much.

Plastic milk jug butterflies

These Spoon Bugs from Family Fun would be a cute for Step 2 - Try a Bug Craft. Mix a cup of plaster of Paris according to package directions; pour the plaster into disposable plastic spoons. Let dry, then pop the beetles out and paint. Consider adding moving eyes or other accessories like pipe cleaners or wire too! These could be easily done when out on a field trip too. Create the bugs at the start of the program then head out to explore bugs in action, finishing the project when you return!

Fire Fly Flashlight. Take this along your journey when looking for Fire Flies. For all the supplies go to

Bumble Bee and Lady Bug Visors. Make these adorable visors while earning the Girl Scout Bug Badge. For instructions go to

The simplest activities are the best with kids! Make a spider web out of painter's tape, let them throw scrunched up newspaper ball to see if they can get them to stick.

Bugs badge--ideas from a volunteer: Camping with your Brownie troop? Learning how to enjoy ALL aspects of the outdoors can be a challenge - help them enjoy it by working on the Bugs Badge. Our troop did a scavenger hunt to see how many bugs they could find near the camp site, listened to and observed bugs with an entomologist dad, made a bug poster, performed skits about bug habitats (cocoons, hives, etc.), and made a bug swap.

Wiggly Worms Craft instructions available on www.freekidscraft...

Bug Badge in a Bag® Twelve girls can complete five requirements for the new Brownie "Bug" badge. Look at all of our Badge in a Bags at

My Brownies made these as part of their Bug Badge on the ride home after our Butterfly Pavilion field trip. Easy and fun!

Here's a set of pages on bug observation. Includes observation recording form, KWL on insects, and a Venn diagram comparing insects.

Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft can be a recycling and a bug project at the same time. See more bug and insect crafts at www.freekidscraft...

Creepy Crawly Bingo ( Use for insect week but remind children that insects have six legs and on this bingo card there are worms, etc.)