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Homemade Acne Treatment

Homemade Mamas: Beauty Products... tons of homemade beauty products, masks, conditioners, nail polish, acne treatment and more!

Some good homemade beauty treatments! Moisturizing Avocado Treatment: 1/2 mashed Avocado. Apply plain avocado to the skin, or use one or more of these add-ins: Honey- brightens, tightens, and fights wrinkles and acne Oats- moisturizes and mildly exfoliates Yogurt- refines pores and sooths irritation Egg white- great for oily skin lemon juice- great for oily skin Egg Yolk- great for dry skin Olive Oil- extra softening and moisturizing

Apple Face Mask-easy to make and is entirely edible! Grab one medium-sized apple and five tablespoons of honey. Grate the apple into fine chunks and combine it with the honey until the two are well-blended. Spread the mixture over your face and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse your mask off with cool water. You have your very own homemade facial treatment. particularly good for oily, acne-prone skin,& since humidity tends to breed oily skin, this mask makes an excellent addition 2 beauty tricks!

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Blackheads are a common skin problem, especially among teenagers. They fall under the type of acne known as acne vulgaris, known as open comedones. They appear as small bumps on the skin, or plugs in oversized pores. Their color varies from yellow to black. There are many natural remedies for blackheads made from products that are usually in the kitchen. Homemade facial mask are treatments left on the face for a period of time, and then removed to provide results. annetteknopf

Natural, homemade skin care products, including facial masks (facial mask avocado), body scrubs, bath bombs, acne treatments and more are simple...

Homemade Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Honey Facial Mask. Reduces appearance of age spots & past acne scarring.