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"Stay hungry. Stay foolish" - This speech by Steve Jobs is inspiring. He is an incredible figure. A couple reminders in this address: Firstly, in the 90s, he was considered a very public failure. There is no "path to success" that includes dropping out of college to take calligraphy courses. There is no "path" that includes being publicly embarrassed to the point you feel you have to leave Silicon Valley. He stayed because of passion and because he loved being the visionary CEO. (I felt the same way in high school after I embarrassed myself in a speech to the student body when running for Vice President. I did not win a position in student council that year but still knew I wanted to do it more than anything else) Secondly, he discusses his cancer. At this time he believes he is fine, but he reminds us that life is precious and short. I think we will remember Steve Jobs a hundred years from now, but can you even name the CEO of Exxon today? How many amazing business leaders can you name from the 90s? 80s? Very very few. I bet you could count them on a hand. So many of us try to achieve that lasting fame, but Steve Jobs was only able to do so because he overcame public embarrassment after being fired from Apple. Apple has made amazing devices long before the iPod. I remember the iMac when I was in 4th or 5th grade and how incredibly beautiful it was. It has been great growing with Apple, and the business lessons I learned simply by being there as Apple evolved in my formative years have been as great as anything I've learned in school or in finance.