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20 Hot Moves for Sexy Thighs | Skinny Mom | Where Moms Get the Skinny on Healthy Living

25-day Ballet Boot Camp Challenge - Lose It Darling

25-day Ballet Boot Camp Challenge - Lose It Darling

26 Strong Project with Saucony - Introducing Team Lovie

26 Strong Program with Saucony! | Chic Runner

Worried about wearing all those sleeveless shirts this summer season? Try this 15-minute workout and you will be well prepared!

The Summer Sleeveless Arms 15-minute Toning Workout

10-Minute Tush-Toning Pilates Workout BEST BUTT WORKOUT EVER I kept dropping my legs and hips because it burns but its sooooo good for you

Reboot Your Backside With This Tush-Toning Workout

If you want FLAT, defined lower abs with the "V-cut" look, do this workout 2-3x per week. It's 6 exercises and produces amazing abs.

Stability Ball Butt Exercises...Good for after making that 6-layer decadent salty caramel and chocolate cake.

Best butt workout, swimsuit season is coming, don't be unprepared.

8 ways to get better sleep: expert tips to improve your sleep (super helpful!)

She has amazing work outs that usually take around 15-20 minutes and work you very hard! She puts videos on her site for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

30 minute kettle bell workout Set your interval timer for 30 rounds of 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest. You’ll go through the following sequence five times: (1) Kettlebell Swings (2) Windmills - left (3) Windmills - right (4) Kettlebell Swing Punches (5) Russian Twists (6) Goblet Squats. I want a kettle bell!!

Lose the POOCH! The 14 best lower abs workouts.