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Put a glass bowl in a hollow pumpkin to hold punch or cider at a Fall party,great idea~

Freeze ice cream scoops in a muffin pan before the party. Great time saver & much less messy at cake time. Kids parties.

Cut giant swirls out of poster board to hang from the ceiling

1 cup Countrytime Lemonade mix, 2 cups cold water, 1 can of chilled pineapple juice {46 oz}, 2 cans chilled Sprite = best lemonade stand in the neighborhood.

2 cans frozen apple juice concentrate & 2 liters club soda = Homemade "Martinelli's" sparkling apple juice!!

  • Elena Porcelli

    OMG I love Martinelli's! I've been wanting my husband to try it, but not sold in Jordan. Yippee!! Good pin, Bri!

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Tons of Halloween party ideas.

Fun for the bachelorette party! Everyone attending should buy cute new pair of panties in the brides size that ‘represents’ them or would somehow remind the bride of them. Then, you lay out all the panties and the bride must guess which panties belong to each guest. If she’s wrong, she has to take a drink. If she’s right, the guest drinks. The bride gets to keep all the underwear as a souvenir.

use golf tees to stake balloons to the ground! Such a good idea for any type of party!!