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The Beauty Hall of Fame: Hundreds of experts agreed on these 26 best beauty products of all time.

I'm getting one of these! ESPECIALLY handy for doing dishes while chatting away...

Just in case this tragedy befalls to fix a cracked glad I found this! ....

plug these into an outlet and they'll pick up the signal from your ipod ... play music throughout the house.

Check out these unusual Superhero Socks, which are sold complete with little mini capes. They come in Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman varieties. Sweet!

iphone projector. Watch movies and photo slides with your iphone on the wall….like the old days!

"Ball Claw" only $11.99! Need like 50 of these!

how to replace your iPhone 4 screen: Seriously good to know, knowing me I'll need it one of these days.

Save $ with this "What to by When" guide!

173 manufacturers that will send you coupons if you just email them.

Turns out coconut oil is a great-all-in-one. It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. It improves nutrient absorption. It can be used for cooking. It is a lip balm, moisturizer, shaving cream, deep treatment conditioner, makeup remover, body scrub (mixed with sugar makes a great exfoliant), bug bite balm, Athlete's Foot treatment, and canker sore treatment. It has also been proven to boost metabolism and aid in digest.

Family yearbooks. Since most people don't print out pictures like they used to, this would be a great way to document your years in pictures and still have hard-copies to look through/show people.

I had no idea!! - Upgrade a Wall Outlet to USB Functionality - You can get one at Lowe's or Home Depot for $15. Awesome!

40 secret iPhone features and shortcuts. I've only read through half and I already feel like I have a new phone!

Fort Standard white building blocks

e.l.f. All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade. Best blush I have ever used and it is only $1 at Target or on the elf website!

I've struggled with my 4 year old's eczema for most of his life. My pediatrian finally recommended this lotion. After only a few aplications his skin is clear, softer and smoother then it has been ever. It absorbs quickly and leaves no stickness and has next to no fragrance so he doesn't mind being slathered up. I only use it after his bath a couple of times a week and his skin has stayed clear and smooth. $15.27