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Fathers day gift on canvas

Sunshine in a Box for Someone Going Through a Rough Time - love this!

"To celebrate and turning 40 is nothing to SNICKER about. In fact, this is when you have BUTTERFINGERS And your mind starts playing TWIX on you. You’re WHATCHAMACALLIT isn’t working properly, You’ll do things NOW & LATER And forget them both....."

10 Last Minute Homemade Gifts - I made a movie night kit for my husband's birthday when we first started dating. Wish someone would make one of these for me, I love watching movies

What does your child's #teacher want for Christmas this year? See what teachers want and what they hope they don't get!

Cool ways to fold money for gifts

Hedwig was a gift to Harry Potter and the most resourceful of Snowy Owls, delivering messages throughout the film series and a constant companion to Harry. A deluxe keepsake of Hedwig with a removable-lid cage comes in this package alongside a 16-page book of vivid stickers that allows fans to relive the magic of a boy and his owl.

For Harry Potter fans, part of the mystery of the boy wizard is in his wand that is made of holly and contains a single phoenix tail feather. A prized and envied possession, the wand is one every fan will be lucky to own! This kit includes: an assemble-your-own Harry Potter wand

Every Harry Potter fan has pondered at some point which Hogwarts House they would belong to. Would it be Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? Providing answer for the question, this work includes: 16-page book with 8 4-colour stickers

Suitable for the Harry Potter fans, this work includes: Divination Crystal Ball

Fun gifts under $10.00! Remember this!

family tree/ genealogy photo idea -- grandparents in center, children on middle row, grandchildren on outer row

ideas for husband gifts

Baby shower gift in a tub - 15 things new moms really favorite type of gift to give