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A guide to the twenty common amino acids. Click 'visit site' to read more & download the PDF.

A Brief Guide to the Twenty Common Amino Acids

Ever wonder how the flu virus makes you sick? This fantastic interactive by Time will help you understand what the flu virus is and how the immune system and drugs interfere with the viral mechanisms that make you sick. It also offers a look at how the flu virus mutates and becomes a new strain requiring a different vaccine each season.

How the Swine Flu Virus Works - TIME

Genetics vs. Epigenetics [Illustration by AXS Biomedical Animation Studio, for "Hidden Switches in the Mind," by Eric Nestler, Scientific American, December 2011]

Epigenetics Offers New Clues to Mental Illness

Proteins (in green) are translated from the intermediate molecule RNA (pink) which is copied from our genes

Teams build human protein catalogue

The History of Genetics Infographic

History of Genetics | Philip Emmanuele

From The Inside Looking Into The Human Genome Project Infographic

Information is Beautiful on influenza

Mikrobioma, gure gorputza etxea duten izaki bizien multzoa / Microbioma, el conjunto de microorganismos que tienen nuestro cuerpo como casa

Enséñame tu microbioma y te diré quién eres - Naukas

Colorized scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of Gram-negative Legionella pneumophila bacteria. CDC photo.

FIG1: A) First double-helix model. | Credit: Watson J.D. and Crick F.H.C. 1953. A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid. Nature 171 (4356): 737–738. . B) Double-stranded DNA hierarchical organization. Two meters of long human DNA are confined within the nucleus of a single cell. There are three main organization levels classified as primary, secondary and tertiary. | Credit: Balaji VS Iyer, Martin Kenward and Gaurav Arya (2011). Hierarchies in eukaryotic genome organization: Insights from polym

Human Immunodeficiency Virus Structure