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Bridesmaids' initials on the bouquets...LOVE!

Sparkle Garter instead of the usual blue and white lace combi

Send in your old bridesmaids dresses to NewlyMaid and they will trade it for a new Little Black Dress for any occasion!

For kids attending the wedding. Put one of these on each of their plates with a blank card.. “color a card for the bride and groom”

Hanger holding your wedding dress with your NEW last name.. and love that dress

for the thank-you cards

instead of a traditional guest book, have people sign blank puzzle pieces and then frame it.

To get balloon to hang upside down... put a marble in the balloon before you blow it up.

AW!! i always see "i do" on the bottoms of the Bride's shoes, and this is such a cute idea for the groom!!! :)

Blushing Bride- For Bridal Shower! 2 oz passion-fruit nectar 3 oz Champagne 1/2 teaspoon grenadine Pour chilled passion-fruit nectar in a flute. Carefully add chilled Champagne and grenadine; don't stir, but allow to blend.

Great ideas for Wedding Invitation Wording