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Kids - Craft Ideas

Ideas of crafts to do with our kids and for our kids.

The BEST list of fall crafts and early learning ideas for preschool. Every theme from back to school until winter is included! There are book lists for fall themes too.

The CUTEST handprint crafts! (footprints, too)

Sweet Easter Bunny craft for kids. Great for counting and fine motor development too!

Children's Nighttime Drawing Journal - Each night have your child draw a picture of their favorite part of the day. Then write a caption about the picture. Fun idea...

Place letters [or whatever!] around the room, on chairs, on the table, for a learning indoor obstacle course for the kids!

Really good keep busy ideas for toddlers, Ive never seen most of these. The idea with lids is so smart, a reusable manipulative that you are probably just throwing away anyway!

Crafts 101 - Need a craft for any age, season or ability...? You challenge you NOT to find something here. Over 200 ideas to keep you and your kids busy all year round!

Kids explore what peace is and create a poster as a reminder to be at peace and remain positive during challenging times.