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vajrasana - yoga for tired legs

Yoga for tired legs

Cold & flu season is upon us! Try Cold & Flu Zapper--a natural cold remedy!

The Cold & Flu Zapper (Natural Cold Remedy) - Life Made Full

Negative Thinking, Negative Outcome. Strategies for keeping your ADD brain happy and healthy.

Negative Thinking, Negative Outcome

Holy smokes! This actually does work! Just soaked my feet for 30 minutes and the dead skin just rolls off. I used a foot scrubber after to easily remove the dead skin. It does turn your feet slightly light blue after, but they are soft as a baby's butt now! LOVE IT!

Magnesium Oil Recipe + Magnesium Oil Uses (excessive thirst often signals magnesium deficiency and mineral imbalance)

Magnesium Oil Recipe + Magnesium Oil Uses

Eating Clean, Flexible Dieting, IIFYM and Reverse Dieting! This article may save you from quitting your fitness journey as well as take you to that next level!!!! Don't be afraid to take a step back to look at the bigger picture...

What Is Reverse Dieting?

Cortisol-Reduction Grocery List | The Dr. Oz Show - "When you experience stress, your body's natural reaction is to release the hormone cortisol. In small doses, cortisol isn’t harmful to your health. But if you experience chronic stress, elevated cortisol levels over time may add to sleep, mood and memory problems, and could even contribute to abdominal obesity. This grocery list has a tasty assortment of cortisol-reducing foods."

Cortisol-Reduction Grocery List

LOVE these beginner running tips because they are from someone like me, someone who hates running, even though I know it is good for me. Hope these will help me become a runner!

Beginner running tips from a beginner runner - What's up Fagans?