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Don't Squeal Unless It's a BIG DEAL - YouTube. About tattling need to check out

End of the year gift!! Class photo collage of their potential professions. Love this idea...

Compound words video, probably more appropriate for Kindergarten or First Grade

Mrs. Plants Press: Ants, Fireflies,and some Math

Alphabet Money! Help teach upper and lowercase letters, letter sounds and beginning sounds! FUN!!

Leap Frog. Silent E, I love leapfrog. It makes things so simple to understand! Caleb loves it!

This is a really fun class game that can be adapted to any grade, any subject!

Free Download from "The Teacher's Wife" at Teachers Pay Teachers (St Patrick's Day)

Brilliant! Calm Down Spot? Rain Bottle -fill a dry empty bottle with a box of toothpicks. Add rice (uncooked) to the bottle leaving an empty space of about 1 1/2 inches at the top. Seal the lid. As you gently turn the bottle, the rice falls through the toothpicks, sounding like rain.

Here is a quick write around the room for Dr. Seuss week. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  From B. Roper

Quiet time or restaurant activity Put velcro dots on the ends of popsicle sticks. Kids can make letters or shapes over and over again.

Draw Abe Lincoln at his actual height. Write facts around him. Measure each student with him.

Use nesting tupperware boxes to illustrate the concepts of House, Town, State, Country, Continent, Planet. Great for the book Me on the Map!

grade 1 could do this..or grade 2 with complementary colors would be cool.

If I Were President. President Day Activities. George Washington