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Hebrew Words

Hebrew words and their meanings

Image detail for - Double Portion Inheritance: The Set-Apart Name of Salvation Revealed

"The Hebrew word for ark, "Teivah", also means “word.” When G‑d says (to Noah), “Come into the ark,” He is also saying: Enter into the words of prayer and Torah study; there you will find a sanctuary of wisdom, meaning and holiness amidst the raging floodwaters of life." -Chassidic Master Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov

says "I was forgiven" in Hebrew.

Bad Hebrew Tattoos: Burnt Semolina Boys

Hebrew 101 - Numbers & Days (+playlist)

Learning Biblical Hebrew (Beginners pt 1) - June 1st, 2013

‘Habet Ushma‘ is Hebrew for ‘look and listen‘, and the program teaches modern Hebrew conversational basics via time-tested techniques combining recognition of letters and words with audio pronunciation.

Meaning of the first 10 names in the Bible.....

Peleh Yo'etz (Wonderful, Counselor)~~The more I drink in Torah, the more He teaches me: like soft whispers in my ear, assuring me of His love, protection and provision--here and in the hereafter. Todah Rabah, Peleh Yo'etz!

REISH - Secrets of the Hebrew Letters

CHET - Secrets of the Hebrew Letters

Siddur Audio, nice site for learning some the traditional Jewish prayers and their melodies. For more Hebrew resources check out the Resources page of!