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More like this: israel, rhine and illuminated letters.

Siddur Audio, nice site for learning some the traditional Jewish prayers and their melodies. For more Hebrew resources check out the Resources page of!

Learning Hebrew - Lesson 8 - YouTube

Learning Hebrew - Lesson 6 - YouTube

Learning Hebrew - Lesson 4 - YouTube

Learning Hebrew - Lesson 2 - YouTube

Jim Staley -Hebrew Alphabet (Part 1)- Aleph, Bet

Lullaby in Yiddish - Hebrew Subtitles - YouTube

LEARN BIBLICAL HEBREW! From a Messianic Jew. Free video lessons on the Homeschool Channel. Go to Homeschool to access the whole series of videos. This is just the link to the first one.

Still teaching myself Hebrew (now intermediate) But this was the first song I learned in Hebrew. (My kids know it as well ) Hebrew Aleph-Bet Song - YouTube

Hebrew Curriculum being developed for kids by Hebrew4Christians. Here are aleph-bet materials that can be used for children ages 2-5, and grammar that can be used far beyond! ALL FREE

Elementary Hebrew curriculum for homeschool. Free, online Hebrew lessons for kids. Learn the alphabet, play cool, interactive games and activities to learn basic vocabulary and language skills.

The three voices of Hebrew verbs: active, passive and reflexive.

▶ 2014-2015 Four Blood Moons from Mark Biltz: please hear this 10 min. Summary. Discover what the words "Sign" and "Season" mean in Hebrew - YouTube

▶ THE AMAZING FIRST VERSE OF THE BIBLE - You MUST see this brief 8 1/2 minute clip! - YouTube

Did you know that in Hebrew to curse literally means to make light of someone, to praise literally means to make someone shine, and that the word for family is from the same root as the word for female servant, meaning your family is the best place to learn humility and servanthood? You'll learn this stuff in this Hebrew Chapters episode. And alot more! Here's the trailer. Join me for the whole study on the Classroom page at

Adonai = a title, Master YHWH = the name Yahwhey calls Himself

The Shema. YHWH is written and should be spoken, instead Jews chant "Adonai". It should be Shema Yisrael, YHVH Eloheynu, YHVH Ehchad. One of the reasons God delivered His people from Egypt was so that the world would know His name.

Hebrew Sign Language Alphabet.