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Lots of cute picture ideas for little girls!

Super cute idea for the kids' bathroom

Rihanna in Alaia at the Grammys

  • Sarah McPhee

    For me, HEALTHY and SECURE = THIN. All the people in my family are small. And secure people don't criticize others to make themselves feel better, no matter what size they are. Wouldn't it be great if a singer could be judged on her voice and not her body? Why do people feel they have to say anything at all? Nobody says anything about men. To make a big deal about it in a public forum further objectifies all women and demonstrates to our daughters that size does matter, but only if you are female...nobody says anything about the men. It's upsetting to us women who sometimes have to shop in the children's section (ME) when someone of a "normal" size feels compelled to criticize my weight, but if you criticize a heavy person, it's completely inappropriate. I think that double-standards...big/small, male/female...that's what should be addressed. I guess it's about kindness. And really, the dress is gorgeous.......

  • Genevieve Lerner

    Ladies this is pinterest you pin what pictures you like. All your remarks should be saved for twitter and facebook.

  • Sarah McPhee

    If that were true, there would be no "comments" section ;-)

  • Lindsay Platoshyn

    lol this is an hilarious read, A+ would read again

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denim + tan

  • Megan Meany

    in love with the saturated color of the skyline. It's from Wheredidyagethat?

a man has two options in a relationship - Google Search

Great idea!!

  • Adry

    what color is this?

  • Marisol Matadamas

    this actually doesn't work unless u got 5 year old fingers I've tried and fail a billion times

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