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Jamie Dornan is so fucking hot!!!

One more of Jamie... can't get enough of him!

Ok, I admit it, Jamie Dornan is hot and yes, I want to spank him!

Paul Wesley

Tom Welling is screeching hot!

Afternoon eye candy: Tom Welling (29 photos)

Hello handsome!

Luke Mitchell from The Tomorrow People is hot... and needs a spankin'!

Luke Mitchell 033.jpg

Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane.

Dedicated to my homegirl Ashley who loves her some Chris Hemsworth... girl, he needs to be spanked!

Torrance Coombs from Reign has gorgeous eyes... he just made the spank list!

I love the Sleepy Hollow guy, Tom Mison. He needs to be spanked!

Looking forward to Daniel DiTomasso in Witches of East End. Yum!

Picture of Daniel Di Tomasso

"I'd like to bite that lip!"

#MentionSomebodyYouWantToMeet @iansomerhalder - via @MyOTPdelena

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  • Mawe Wegner

    Ian has the prettiest eyes i've ever seen! The rest of him is not bad either

Nicholas Hoult needs a spankin'!

Ian looking very 50 Shades!

Nathan Parsons made the spanked list!

Spoilers - Celebrities: Nathan Parsons Photo Shoot