Lentils with Garden Vegetables, Avocado, Walnuts, & Hummus

Most salad dressings will bust any diet plan, not to mention the unhealthy preservatives and coloring. These 10 homemade healthy dressings will keep your salad low calorie and healthy.

Thai-Peanut Slaw. from "My Beef With Meat" recipe is in the book! Photo credit: Wendy Schkolnick Solganik from "Healthy Girl's Kitchen"

Roasted Avocado Over Mixed Lettuce & Couscous

Banana Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies

Black Bean & Toasted Corn Tacos Recipe | Vegetarian Times

baba ganoush~ funny name, delicious easy and vegan dip.

Vegan Spinach Balls with Pesto Sauce - Vegalicious Recipes

Tempeh BCT by Peas and Thank You

Hoisin Ginger Tofu with Smoky Tahini Slaw by Peas and Thank You

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