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The Blacklist - Lizzie and Red. James Spader as Raymond "Red'' Reddington.

This Page Intentionally Left Blank

hide your extra house key - put it in a medicine bottle, glue a tiny pinecone or small rock on top, stick the bottle in the yard or planter.

Pinecone Hide-a-Key : Factory Direct Craft Blog


Flamingo Nails Inspired by Simply Rins - Paulina's Passions

Chic Reading Room

{The Organized Housewife} 20 Days to Organize and Clean your Home. Starting January 1st!!! **maybe I should look into this. Pin now, read later.

20 Days to Organise & Clean your home Challenge – Day 10

Easy Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings. Recipe and instructions. Tasty!!!

Easy Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings - Watch Me Homeschool

$1 steppers for checkerboard herb garden.

orange and denim :)

Casual Outfits | Michael Kors Bags

Love the overlapping frames - how unique!

New Firecracker recipe, 8 cups crackers (Cheese It's; white & yellow cheese, mini saltines, & oyster cracker), 1 cup dry roasted peanuts, mix in a large sealable bowl. Mix in another bowl 3/4 cup canola oil, 1 pkg dry Ranch Dressing, 2 Tsp crushed red peppers and 2 dashes hot sauce. Pour over crackers, toss several times over the next 2-3 hrs. Ready to eat!!! Stays good for several weeks in a airtight container.

Shelves behind toilet in small bathroom. Made dramatic with dark wall paint backdrop.