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Changes to Eagle Required Merit Badges -

Changes to Eagle Required Merit Badges -

Could do for a Girl Scout too, using her vests or sashes.

Chuckbox, Patrol Box, Camp Kitchens and Such

Chuckbox, Patrol Box, Camp Kitchens and Such

Timberline Camp Kitchen - Upper Box

Products | Timberline Camp Kitchens

Love this nature craft that also combines outdoor time. "What do you see in the picture frame?" Great for any season!

Another Girl Scout Adult is doing a fund-raiser.

Attention Troop Leaders!

Starting in 1977, the Girl Scouts completely revised all age level. A "rounded program" included something from the "Five Worlds (of Interests) to Explore;" The World Of Well-Being (red), The World of People (blue), The World of Today and Tomorrow (orange), The World of the Arts (purple), and the World of the Out-of-Doors (yellow). Added was "Girl Scouting" (green). The use of a rainbow started at this time, for example, the age level "Bridging" awards are modifications of the rainbow theme.

In the early 1990s was when the Girl Scout started to use corporate navy blue in the adult uniforms. It is very evident on this page here. Suprisingly around this time I knew of many leaders that wore the green "Bill Blass" dress, often, sewn at home. It was a much cheaper alternative. Or more common, leaders were still wearing the logo print blouses and the green slacks or wrap-around skirt. This is a page from the 1993 Girl Scout Catalog.

In 1984, polo shirts make their first official appearance in the GS catalogs, for CAMP uniforms. This is a page from the 1984 Girl Scout Catalog.

Adult Uniforms, while some wore the Halston designed uniforms, these were the uniforms I remember wearing as a young adult Girl Scout. The "new" logo blouses, and wrap-around skirt. or the knit pantsuit. This is a page from the 1982 Girl Scout Catalog.

Service Unit Manger, Lynn Mack-Costello and CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles work to provide young girls with leadership skills and opportunity through Girl Scouts. Both women are wearing the "unifying look."

girl scout leaders - Another version of the "unifying look" for adults

girl scout leaders - one version of the adult "unifying look"


Two versions of the Mainbocher Adult Uniforms. Mainbocher designed all the Girl Scout uniforms starting in 1946 through 1963, that became emblematic and iconic representations of the Girl Scouts to this day.

Overlap from the Stella Sloat and the Halston uniforms mid 1970s. The pant suit based on the Stella Sloat dresses are what I remember my troop leaders wearing. I never knew anyone with a Halston uniform that was not an employee of the Girl Scouts.

Bill Blass Girl Scout Uniforms 1984 - 1990

History | Museum | Featured Exhibit

Halston Girl Scout Uniform 1978 - 1984

History | Museum | Featured Exhibit

The Stella Sloat Girl Scout Uniforms 1968 through 1968 - 1978

History | Museum | Featured Exhibit

Adult Girl Scout Beret, worn from 1945 through 1968

The Beret Project: Girl Scouts

While described as a Vintage Senior Girl Scout Garrison Style Cap, 1940s With Girl Scout Pin. This looks more like the Adult hat of the same era. Worn from 1939 through 1948 with all of the green adult uniforms. The Adult Mariner Scouts wore a similar one in navy blue, same fabric as their uniforms

Vintage 50s Girl Scout Uniform Hat worn by Girl Scout Adults from 1948 through the 1960s. It could be worn with any of the green adult uniforms.

Senior Girl Scout Cap. Styled on the "overseas cap" worn by the US military, it was the definitive and distinctive hat worn by Senior Girl Scouts from 1938 through 1971 (or longer in some areas) Starting in the mid-50s there was a colored cord and insigne denoting Interest area.

Heinous Hats: July 2010

Cadette Girl Scout (1963 - 1980) Cockade (fluted red, green and white grosgrain ribbons affixed behind a "GS" insigne and sewn over the "GS" insigne on the Junior Beret.

Scout Beret | eBay