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Buddha Images & Quotes

Here is a collection of free Buddhist images, wallpaper and quotes for you to save and use for your own personal well being. Images and quotes are quick and easy reminders of our true nature. Just looking at Buddha images inspires us to live with love, wisdom, and morality. Thank you for doing your best to navigate through the ten thousand joys and ten thousand sorrows of life in the unique way that you do.

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This speaks so loudly to me.

the volcano that erupted on Mount Pinatubo in 1991 emitted 10 million metric tons of magma and devastated much of the Philippines. Twenty years later, the now solidified volcanic ash provides a creative resource for a group of resilient Philippine artisans. They hand-carve our serene, flowing-robe Buddha from that same porous material, elongating his earlobes to indicate he is all-hearing.