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Wonderful patio garden with bubbling water fountain. #gardenchat

How To Create An Inviting Outdoor Room

New Year Crafts

8 идеи за новогодишно украсување во домот

OK, so now I know how to keep that RV/Camper power cord off the wet ground. Just get a kids sand bucket, and cut some holes. Brilliant!

Protect the Outdoor RV Power Cord with the Upside-Down Bucket Mod

Vinegar, Salt Dish Soap Weed Killer. Use one gallon of white vinegar, add half a cup of liquid soap and two tablespoons of salt. Shake the mixture. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray on the leaves and stems of weeds only, avoiding surrounding plants. According to the Frugal Gardening website, this versatile mixture will kill grass between bricks, as well as weeds in the cracks along the driveway and between sidewalk section.

Vinegar & Salt Weed Killer | LIVESTRONG.COM

Backyard inspiration. Perennials and a wide border.

Fence It | Garden Walk Garden Talk

Cornmeal - Natural Weed Killer - 9 Ways to a No-Weeds Garden - Bob Vila

9 Natural Ways to Kill Weeds


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I'd like this over our BBQ area off the alfresco roof and then for it to wrap around to rear of house, where it will protrude several metres to form a full size pergola.

Pergolas >> Portfolio >> Cedar >> Toronto >> Your Deck Company

Baking Soda Weed this post. Try along edges of flower beds!!! *I edged in the front yard with the weed eater, then sprinkled Baking Soda along the edges. Did this 2 weeks ago and so far nothing has grown back ~ the edges still look nice and neat :)

weed killer | Wife2jason's Weblog


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How to Divide Perennials – How When

How to Divide Perennials – How & When | The Homestead Survival

DIY Garden Ideas: How to build a Fire Pit

DIY Garden Ideas: How to build a Fire Pit |

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‘Deep Blue Sea’ is the hottest item at any nursery in late summer, chiefly because it’s the only blue hosta that is still blue. Many blue hostas turn green as the growing season progresses because the wax coating responsible for their blue color wears off. But ‘Deep Blue Sea’ stays blue all season thanks to those glorious deeply puckered, cupped leaves.

Showstopping Hostas | Fine Gardening

Hosta 'Blue Ivory'

Hosta 'Blue Ivory' 1 Gallon

Hosta 'Canadian Blue'

Hosta - Heemskerk Vaste Planten/Perennials