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End of year gift for the kids

Student gifts - could attach kool-aid play dough recipe to the packets, instead of a straw

Another cute end of the year teacher gift idea - I would add a gift card

Last Minute Teacher Christmas Gifts! « My Crazy Blessed Life!

Another version of end of the year teacher gift

"thank you for helping Jacob bloom" End of the year teacher gifts

Starburst Mirror, great idea for an end of the year teacher gift

Too cute! End-of-the-year teacher gift and have all of the kids in class sign it! So adorable and unique!!

Sisters, Sisters: End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas

Orange You Glad It's Summer - an orange bag with orange soda, cheetos, reeses pieces and other orange items..... Last day of school gift for teachers? Or a fun surprise for kids when the come home from the last day?

Oodles of simple but cute gift ideas

Bubble bath sundaes for Teachers, Valentines or Mothers Day gifts or party favor gifts:-)

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea: Grilling Kit | A fun teacher appreciation gift idea for a male teacher!

quiet critters-when you decide it is important for students to be quiet pass out quiet critters- take them away from students who talk. At the end of the activity anyone who still has a quiet critter gets a prize, point, whatever you use.

Bunny marshmallow math activities: two versions one for second grade and one for third grade