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America Is An Islamic Country, What's The Big Deal? - Blur Brain

Dear Leader Issues Executive Order: PREPARE FOR CLIMATE CHANGE! - Blur Brain

DHS Buying $500,000 In Riot Control Weapons - Blur Brain

Oh The Horror, THE HORROR! - Blur Brain

Allen West & Thomas Sowell Fears We Are On The Verge Of A Race War - Blur Brain

Sweet Illustrations By Timothy Tang - Blur Brain

While 'Murican Communist Seek To Abolish Firearms, World Communist Increase Production - Blur Brain

This Would Never Happen In America - Blur Brain

People's Cube: 'Dizzying Success of ObamaCare Inspires Private Sector' - Blur Brain

Great News! 'Murica Only Has Two Brigades Combat Ready! - Blur Brain

Why Everyone Hates Having Me Around Blur Brain - Blur Brain

How About A Demotivational Poster Dump? - Blur Brain

Vintage Photos Of Interesting Nuggets In History (19 Pics) - Blur Brain

99.6% Of Visitors Realized Obamacare Is 'BS' And Left To Visit Blur Brain - Blur Brain

Sen Barbara Boxer Praises Ku Klux Klan Exalted Cyclops On Senate Floor (Video) - Blur Brain

I Heard A Rumor That Montreal Has The Best Looking Prostitutes - Blur Brain

2014 Elections Will Be A Circus Of Racism With Eric Holder Involved - Blur Brain

Shutdown Barrycades

Law Professor Develops Course To Cure Sex Addiction With A Dose Of Jeeeezus - Blur Brain

A Summary Of The Phone Call From Chairman Obama To Iranian President Rouhani - Blur Brain

Vintage Democrat In A Dress: John McCain Defends Obamacare - Blur Brain

Some Breaking Bad Fan Art - Blur Brain


And Now, Illuminated Egg Art by Vnarts