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Pour distilled water and glycerin into the bottle at a ratio of 1:1 Add glitter, sequins, etc Close the bottle Wrap your ribbon, tulle, lace or twine around the bottle neck Give your bottle a little shake and watch it sparkle! Cute gift idea.

wire hanger, white spray paint and white xmas lights.

April 2010 - Design Crush

Hang a lantern filled with a strand of twinkle lights. It looks like fireflies!

Make-up Magnet Board - loooove this!

You can make your own survival candles at home for cheap, using high-quality, long burning soy wax. It's an easy project - the materials are easy to buy and you won't need any specialized tools.

fabric covered cereal boxes for inexpensive picture mats

Delightful Distractions: Arts & Crafts Fair 2009

Wash and dry jars and layer the bottom with the greenery of your choice, and then add a handful or two of cranberries. Pour water into the jar, causing the cranberries to float to the top. Insert a floating candle.