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the patchy hooded jacket. bohemian!

scarves, long beaded necklaces and rings.

Fabian Nordstrom

Gentleman and Bohemian ft. Fabian Nordstrom by Joseph Cardo

blanket instead of jacket

Christian Goeran - Spin Model Management

bandana and bracelets

bohemian in every way

earth colors, large stitches, bone and stone accessories.

a trio of dandy bohemian men.

La Maison Boheme: The Bohemian Man

Yes, sir, you passed the bohemian test.

Afterwork con mucha clase |

Bohemian without a doubt.

I love this blue and white shemagh scarf.

i wonder if every bohemian man knows how to play a guitar.

bohemian fashion is about layers, patterns and eclectic mixes.