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Circle Subtraction Game, good for after they've learned subtraction with regrouping

Circle Subtraction Math Game « Mama Jenn {the blog}

The Trading Game - This is a super simple math game that teaches children the concept of trading prior to introducing addition and subtraction with regrouping. I love this idea!

mrs. prince & co.: A Trading Game

Mrs. Ws Math-Connection: Water Park Project

Drawing On Math: Instagram for Quadrilaterals

Teaching In The Fast Lane: Bright Ideas Hop: Twisted Test Prep - Easy and fun game to play to prepare for tests.

Shapes and Shapes out of Straws and Pipe Cleaners. Can give them all sorts of materials to let them explore different ways of making 3d shapes. Challenge them to make a sphere or cone etc.

Angles Worksheets-Copy 2 to a page for quick HW review

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: It's Snowing Angles! You can build on this by having students color code supplementary or acute angles, vertex and others depending on the snowflake design.

Elements of Art Notes and Worksheets. Students can go around gallery and find each type of line in different works of art. They can write the name of the work in the box and draw the line they found.

Here's a great idea for teaching about lines, rays, angles, line segments, and more.

Sweet Seconds: Volume, Measurement, Capacity, Time

How much weight can your boat float? Mass, volume, density, buoyancy, measurement, inquiry, graphing.

Graphing the Winter (or Summer) Olympics. Students can choose their own countries and keep track of the GOLD on a graph