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Burlington Police

Burlington Police

The Burlington Massachusetts Police Department serves a population of 25,000 residents and a daytime population of over 100,000 people.

NEMLEC Bearcat looking inside

Approximately 3:20 a.m. on Monday August 13 we received a report that a man had attacked a woman in a parking lot on Arboretum Way in Burlington. It appears that this was an attempted rape. The suspect was armed with a pocket knife and is described as a white male, in his twenties with a clean cut face. Described as being 5'7-5'9 tall with a thin build wearing a shirt with stripes and possibly a collar. May have been wearing some hind of hat and either had very short hair or was bald.

Marijuana seized at 116 Lexington Street

  • CITY of

    good drug bust hi from Stockton, Maryland USA

Thief who helped take $7,000 + in jewelry. Do you know him?

Francis Wyman House 1667 Burlington, MA

Our unidentified victim was wearing a "REGULAR SMALL" military style jacket

Unidentified murder victims' belt buckle

Photographs of victims items include a medallion, coat tag and belt buckle

This medallion was found on an unidentified murder victim who was found here in a shallow grave on May 22, 1975.

Burlington Police Cruiser at the scene of an officer shooting in Woburn

The Burlington Mall - they filmed the movie "Mall Cop" here

The Burlington Police Department is located at 45 Center Street

  • Greater Manchester Police

    Greetings to all officers and staff of Burlington Police Department from Greater Manchester Police.

  • Burlington Police

    Greetings to you as well - It is always great to hear from our brothers and sisters from overseas!

Jack Maple was the brains behind COMSTAT and the miraculous reductions in crime that it has produced.