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office colleague is a doll collector and has three of the Mad Men dolls, someone forgot to tell Joan Holloway about casual Friday...

lemony headache

my little girl born last thursday, and i'm back to pinning this monday. shameful.

  • Julie D

    Pinning is relaxing

  • Lisa Lukens

    well, new borns do sleep a lot..what else are you gonna do with all that time? LoL

“look out ladies, he's coming to get you...”

i'm telling you, ladybirds/ladybugs are going to be the new owls, aren't they?

*every* day should end like this...

in trouble for drinking from the boy's cup. guess which one was his?

UK Harpist Xenia Horne playing at the opening of L'Occitane in Leeds Victoria Quarter.

Armley Mills

on a bloodbuzz, yes i am...

birthday card for niece #4 who was 7 today. that's a magnet you can take off!

fairy lights in the boys room.

using a tougher paper, these are my favourites.

stars using pearlescent paper. quite tricky but great results!

candy floss, innit

sometimes, you don't need a fancy lens/filter/whatever

a bit blurry but also effective i think