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Holy moly - I have found it. This blog is awesome! She gives circuit workouts, meals, and motivation!

Tabata Intervals Kettlebell Workout. Takes just over 30 minutes and you'll do two-hand swings, high pulls, russian twist sit-ups, figure 8s, sprinter lunge jumps, windmills and twisting goblet squats.

Nice workout for when you don't have a lot to lose but would like more tone.

Only a few more months until I can practice handstands again!!!!!!!

Post run yoga poses to help you cool down your muscles.

Kettlebells bring strength, cardio, and flexibility training together into one efficient workout! #kettlebells

50 Clean Eating Snacks

Lululemon: Back On Track Tank, love this!

A little #preworkout one-block #zone snack. Even if it's not #paleo, it's still a pretty good choice on a busy day like today! Sometimes you gotta make do with what you have, when you have it. It's all about learning where to be flexible... otherwise you'll go crazy! 1/2 cup Greek yogurt = 1 block protein, 1/2 block carbs 1/4 cup blueberries = 1/2 block carbs 3 almonds = I block fat

28 Day Diet and Exercise Jump Start Plan - use SMART goal setting to create sustainable results and lasting habits by making one simple change each week and adding to it.

Get yourself in the best shape of your life!