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Awesome everyday uses for Lemon essential oil! Plus a GIVEAWAY! Ends this week!

Everyday Essential Oils: Lemon | Butter Believer

Love lavender? Learn more about the everyday uses for lavender essential oil (plus a GIVEAWAY!)

Everyday Essential Oils: Lavender | Butter Believer

Itchy eyes? This works instantly to relieve eye allergy symptoms! And you can make it yourself.

Oranges & Coconut Creamsicle -- OMBRE pops! So fun and easy.

Oranges & Coconut Creamsicle Ombre-Pops | Butter Believer

Basic uses for peppermint essential oil (plus a giveaway!)

Everyday Essential Oils: Peppermint | Butter Believer

Is grapeseed oil actually healthy? You might be surprised to learn the TRUTH!

The BEST homemade mayo, made with coconut oil!

Recipe: Coconut Oil Mayonnaise | Butter Believer

Are you drinking too much water? 8 reasons NOT to drink 8 glasses of water a day!

8 Reasons NOT to Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day | Butter Believer

The ULTIMATE Guide to Non-toxic Cookware and Bakeware! Has everything you need, and helps you decide which pieces to choose so you can save money!

  • Au Naturale Nutrition (Jenny Yelle)

    Hi Emily! I'd love to send you an invitation to be a contributor on my group boards, "Holistic Health Topics" and "Whole Food Recipes". I'm a big fan of your blog and would love to connect! Let me know when you're following me and I'll send the invitations. (I'm following you.) Thanks so much! -- Jenny @ Au Naturale Nutrition

Magic sleepy dust! Helps you fall back asleep, naturally. Just 3 ingredients and it really works. Must try!

Think Fat-Free Milk is Healthy? 6 Secrets You Don’t Know About Skim

Should you eat chia seeds? #health #nutrition

What's REALLY in that "real" mayonnaise? You don't wanna know. (Except you do, so you can stop buying it!!)

Recipe: Coconut Oil Mayonnaise | Butter Believer

Is honey really healthier than sugar?

Is Honey Really Healthier Than Sugar? | Butter Believer
  • Deborah Hamilton

    It certainly is! I use honey in place of sugar, or I use xylitol in baked goods. Amino acids, probitotics and prebiotics are found in raw honey, as are long-chain polysaccharids (beneficial sugar molecules).

Can't lose weight? The secret to FAT loss is in your SLEEP!

Homemade MAGNESIUM gummies!! Magnesium is a natural relaxant and helps you sleep! Easy and tasty way to take it (and great for calming kids!...

Forget Emergen-C! Make your own Vitamin C GUMMIES! They're tasty and all-natural. Most vitamin C supplements are GMO!

Tasty Orange & Honey Homemade Vitamin C Gummies | Butter Believer

Spinach Apple Bacon Salad with Coconut Almond Dressing, from Food Renegade! Amazing.

Fresh shrimp ceviche! Super easy recipe and SO delicious. You can make your own fresh tortilla chips pretty easily too!

You can read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A. Price online — FREE! So cool!

How to make healthy homemade jello with no artificial dyes, colors, or processed sugar!

How to Make Jello | Butter Believer

Homemade tortilla chips! Made with coconut oil. Sooo good, and good for you!

Salted dark chocolate chunks! Easy recipe, made with coconut oil and raw honey!

Magic sleepy dust! Helps you fall back asleep, naturally. Just 3 ingredients and it really works. Must try!

  • Jennifer Malu

    I'd atleast keep some type of mouth rinse near the bed, wouldn't want to help bacteria or yeast grow.

10 coolest kitchen gadgets found on Pinterest. These are awesome!

10 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets Found on Pinterest | Butter Believer