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Sleepless in Seattle: Hanks and Garber making fun of "An Affair to Remember". They say the only movie worth crying over is "The Dirty Dozen." (Nora Ephron, 1993)

The Wedding SInger: "Grow Old With You" (Frank Coraci, 1998)

Pretty Woman: Sales Clerk - May I help you? Vivian Ward - No, thank you. Hi. Sales Clerk - Hello. Vivian Ward - Do you remember me? Sales Clerk - No, I'm sorry. Vivian Ward - I was in here yesterday. You wouldn't wait on me. Sales Clerk - Oh. Vivian Ward - You work on commission, right? Sales Clerk - Uh, yes. Vivian Ward - Big mistake. Big. Huge! I have to go shopping now. (Gary Marshall, 1990)

10 Thing I Hate About You: "You're just to good to be true..." (Gil Junger, 1999)

Die Hard: "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..." (John McTiernan, 1988)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day: T-1000 (James Cameron, 1991)

Grease: Summer Nights (Randal Kleiser, 1978)

Silence Of The Lambs: Hannibal's hissing (Johnathan Demme, 1992)