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Understanding invisible illnesses - such as #lupus, #rheumatoidarthritis, #fibromyalgia, etc. Invisible illnesses are very difficult to not only explain but to live with. The frustrating comment "But you look so good" is heard all too often. Hopefully this image can help clarify what is happening beneath the outward smiles.

Lupus Humor - Finally a pain scale that makes sense to me! Today I´ll shoot you!!!

The only person that can save you from yourself is you.

Life with AS, Fibro, Sjogren's, Raynaud's,, Connective Tissue Autoimmune Disease..and the list goes on and on

Chronic Pain | Balancing Theory with Application With Coping Strategies


    Maybe me too....

  • Tara Windwalker

    I think my trying to get my family and friends to understand effected my emotional state. Why? Because I found out that some simply don't care enough to put any effort into understanding.



Fibromyalgia brain fog

I sure do hope that someday it goes away! Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Pain

  • martha

    I can relate. I was in an accident that messed up my shoulder( collar bone) was injuried. At the time I was I in fifth grade and just in a sling, didn't go to my doctor for tests and rehab for nearly fifteen years. So yeah I can relate, other people can't feel your pain and many do think you are imagining everything.