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Sign up to see the rest of what’s here! - Gorgeous hand-carved 19th century pearl buttons from Shirley Clark's collection

Pearl Buttons 1 - Several years ago a new friend named Keri moved from Fort Worth to Little Rock. She was a quilter and a button collector. After settling in she came to the Arkansas Quilters Guild and sorta just fit right in. She had a bunch over to her house to show us her button collection and from that invitation she formed a Button Club - Keep Museum button collection -Butterflies

Keep Homestead Museum - Featured Buttons - It features 5 full sets of antique nursery rhyme buttons. Jack and Jill, The cat and the fiddle, old king cole, three little kittens and a few different versions of the fox and the stork. This is a very very old card created in the 1950's, the buttons being much older. The text has been carefully hand written in great detail and it is truly an adorable card. - Barbara’s Buttons - there was a card of Goodyear Rubber buttons. Isn’t this a clever way to mount them?

  • Joyce Havner

    Great arrangement... Got to make a similar card for my collection !

ButtonArtMuseum - Super Card of Owl Buttons - I was fortunate to obtain a friend's Button Collection( 300 cards). This knowledgable collector had good quality buttons and Mounted them beautifully. There are many bargains to be had here. 15 wonderful new and old buttons. featuring OWLS. The pearl on the upper right has glass eyes - Card 21 Vintage Bird Buttons Silver Inlay Horn Painted Glass Signed Artists - Antique Buttons, Assorted Materials. Enamel, Glass, Brass, Porcelain, Hand Painted, Satsuma, Horn and Ivory. - Buttons Tintypes, more properly called ferrotypes, were quite popular in the period from 1850's through the early 1900's - 9 Vintage Elephant Buttons: Top button is bakelite followed by carved bone & celluloid. Middle button is Burwood flanked by 2 metal buttons. 4th row buttons are metal & leather & bottom button is wood / eBay