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Daria's trademark sarcasm

17 Times Cartoons Encouraged You To Be A Feminist

Cher Horowitz

15 Times Ms. Frizzle From The Magic School Bus Should've Been Fired

I always wanted to be on Guts.

17 Throwback Nickelodeon Tees That Every '90s Kid Will Understand

The 99 Greatest '90s Movie Soundtrack Albums

The 99 Greatest '90s Movie Soundtrack Albums
  • Annie Ruetz

    10 Things I Hate About You being on this list seriously made my day.

  • Bethany Brown

    MEEEE TOOOO. I would listen to that on repeat back in the day!

The Definitive “Hot Or Not” Ranking Of ’90s Heartthrobs

The Definitive "Hot Or Not" Ranking Of '90s Heartthrobs

Your 14 Favorite ‘90s Cartoons All Grown Up
  • Laura Punke

    Oh my gosh these are brilliant!!!! :D

  • Azalee Aguilar

    This is cool, but it upsets me...i was little when they were little. Now they are big, so I must be big...

Which Horrible ’90s Rock Band Are You?

Which Terrible '90s Rock Band Are You?

Further proof that Rob Lowe is a magic robot who LITERALLY has not aged in twenty years.

19 Perfect People Magazine Covers From The 1990s

23 Fast Food Favorites You Can Easily Make At Home

23 Copycat Recipes For Your Favorite Fast Foods

Michelle and Uncle Jessie ♥

How Many Of These '90s Beauty Products Did You Use?

25 Things That ’90s Kids Are Still Trying To Figure Out

25 Things That '90s Kids Are Still Trying To Figure Out
  • Becky Allen

    I only don't remember JNCO and Xena, but I think the Xena thing is because I wasn't allowed to watch it.

17 Nickelodeon Magazine Covers That Will Take You Back To The '90s


3rd time's a charm