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Tunnels & Caves

caves @ Kolar, Karnataka, India

Myriads of ancient tunnels all over Europe lead nowhere and baffle everyone? Well of course they do. The goblins dug deeper and collapsed the cave entrances before we could conceive of thermal imaging and power tools.

Here's a shot I've just finished under some other caves in Stockport. We visited this one with a search and rescue team, a couple of them are at the top of the steps. This is one of five bunker tunnel systems under Stockport and it's known as Dodge Hill. The full article with lots more shots will be on the Skyliner Blog soon, And you can see a more detailed version of the shot here, www.andrewbrooksp...

The Cave by Derk Hayenga. Cueva de los Verdes, a tunnel formed by lava-streams on the Spanish island Lanzarote.

THE CANGO CAVES These caves are found in Precambrian age limestone in the foothills of the Swartberg range near the town of Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The dripstone formations (speleothems) consist of stalagmites reaching up from the floor and stalactites hanging from the ceiling. he system of tunnels and chambers extend for over four kilometres and the tunnels formed over a period of 20 million years.

(c) Martyn Farr - Divers carry remote underwater flash guns to illuminate this image, taken in what is probably the world's biggest underwater tunnel, Weebubbie Cave beneath the remote Nullarbor Plain of western Australia.

Beneath Nottingham Castle a labyrinth of manmade caves and tunnels continue to tell the turbulent story of this historic site. Enjoy a memorable tour discovering the secret passageways, King David's legendary dungeon, the Duke of Newcastle's Wine Cellar and Mortimer's Hole.