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Black models in Brazil

Alexia Bairon is a fashion model and dancer originally from Salvador, Bahia

Fashion model/dancer Alexia Bairon - photo gallery 3

"I'm used to the nudity", say Aline Prado, the 5'8" dancer who is Brazil's face of Carnaval. No wonder; every year around February, wearing nothing but body paint, Aline, sambas, gyrates and shakes what her mama gave her in promotional TV commercials that come on TV several times a day reminding Brazilians (and the world) that Carnaval is just around the corner.

Carol Santos is a model who wants to bring more exposure and respect to plus-sized models in Brazil.

Thais Trigo is a model, model event producer, talent scout and columnist from Cabo Frio in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Milleny Macedo is a model from Rio de Janeiro.

Afro-Brazilian models go topless to bring attention to the invisibility of black models in Brazil's top fashion shows.

Beautiful Afro-Brazilian models were again vastly under-represented at this year's Fashion Rio event.

Malana, 5'10 inch model that came in 3rd place on the 2008 edition of Brazil's Next Top Model

Malana Foto de andre max -

Malana of São Paulo, Brazil

PELÍCULA NEGRA: Ô binho, por que você cortou seu cabelo?...

Vanessa de Freitas Jorge, better known as Malana


Vera Lúcia Couto dos Santos: In 1964, she became the first black woman to win the Miss Guanabara title representing Clube Renascença, a black social club in Rio de Janeiro that aimed to improved the image of the black Brazilian.

A group of models stage a protest against the lack of black models in a fashion event in Brazil's capital city, Brasília.